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News from Cape Cod Potters


Held April 9th & 10th, 2011
at Falmouth High School

This was a wonderful workshop. Fun, interesting, loaded with information and immensely entertaining. Two days was not long enough, we could have watched them work for a week. They told stories, gave insight into their mindset, "pottery sense" and home life. They brought with them not only their own skills but a tradition of pot-making in the British Isles that extends back thousands of years.

Doug digs his own clay in Devon and makes very traditional slip-decorated English forms, jugs, cider jars, cups and bowls in his studio. Some of his work resides in English museums. 

Hanna, who lives in southern Scotland, is a juried member of the Craft Potters Association. She uses traditional slip-decorating techniques to extend the tradition on her 21st century forms.

The two potters are friends and we were immersed not only in great throwing but an entertaining exchange of views between Doug, Hannah and the audience.

We thank Hollis Engley for his hard work bringing us Doug and Hannah.

A few links: Doug's 

By the way, check out Doug's music group: 
The Love Daddies 


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