Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Dear Cape Cod Potters, My name is Valerie Kenyon and I live in Yarmouth. I used to work in ceramics and many years ago I bought some silicon carbide kiln shelving. I haven't worked in clay in years and don't anticipate setting up my own clay studio at this point, so I'd like to sell this shelving. There are 19 shelves, 16 still in their original packaging, at 14 1/2" by 19 5/8" and 7/16" thick, with factory kiln wash and factory cuts to prevent stress cracking. I paid $600 for the lot and I'd like to get that much for them. I also have some boxed clay (it will need to be re-hydrated), which I can include at no additional cost. I don't need to sell these immediately, but I'd like to sell them within a year. If any of your members are interested, they are welcome to send me an email and I'd be happy to answer any further questions they might have. Thank you for your time. -Valerie Kenyon,

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