Sunday, September 24, 2023

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News from Cape Cod Potters


Sheffield will be delivering an order to the Cape sometime after April  the 26th

The deadline date for ordering for Sheffield Pottery is Friday, April 23. Make sure, absolutely sure, when you call in your order to Sheffield Pottery that they understand that your order is not to go out until the order for Cape Cod Potters is delivered to the Cape.

  • In order to have supplies dropped at your place and to get the best price you must have a minimum order of 1000 pounds. Smaller orders should be delivered to another site in order to get this discount. Sheffield can make you aware of those potters who have put in a large order and your supplies can be piggy backed.
  • Each potter orders directly from Sheffield Pottery. Your order must be emailed: or called into Sheffield Pottery, 1-888-775-2529 by Friday.
  • Make it clear that you are a CCP member and you are part of the bulk supplies order. 
  • Discuss discounts, shipping and pricing with Sheffield.
  • If you want to be notified of the exact shipping date check with Sheffield Pottery.
  • Call the pre-arranged drop off site to discuss pick up times.

If you are unsure about ordering or have questions you can call Steve Kemp, 508-255-5853, for information and help with ordering.

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